Concert Diary

All concerts start at 3pm, doors open 2:30pm Entry £10

The venue is accessible via the passenger lift to the left of the main steps into the Town Hall

February 11th 2024

Image of a smiling Kevin Grunill with the edge of a Wurlitzer in the background to the left

Kevin Grunill

A wonderful range from the movies, shows and dance music


Kevin has rapidly built a fine reputation as one of the UK’s finest keyboard exponents. Such is the extent of his musicianship that he is equally at home on the modern electronic instruments as well as the more traditional pipe organ and piano. Find out more about Kevin’s background.

March 17th 2024

Image of Elizabeth Harrison sitting at a black organ with a row of blurred coloured lights behind her as through a window

Elizabeth Harrison

The Farmer’s Daughter from Lancashire


Elizabeth has established herself on the concert circuit not only as a musician but also as an entertainer. Her varied musical repertoire along with her cheerful Lancashire humour has made her one of the country’s favourite performers. Elizabeth’s performances are full of life and expression and her choice of music is interesting with lots of variety. Not a note of sheet music in sight. There is a lot more about Elizabeth in the ‘Spotlight on Elizabeth Harrison‘ article published by

April 14th 2024

Image of a smiling Nicolas Martin with a black organ keyboard behind him

Nicholas Martin BEM

Timeless music from musicals, films, the 60’s and much more


At seventeen years old, Nick became one of the youngest resident organists, to play the Wurlitzer at the famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. He is sometimes heard on BBC Radio 2’s – “The Organist Entertains” programme which has been “on air” since the early 1970’s. He has also made several brief appearances on T.V. These days Nick tours extensively around the U.K. performing both concerts and dances. Since 1985 Nick has also played regularly at the famous ‘Kirk of Dunedin’ in Florida. Find out more about Nick.